3 Speakers
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
Wednesday, March 21st 2018 - 6pm to 10pm
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Securing Our Networked Infrastructure
Engineering Innovations Forum


Cyber Insecurity (George Comrie, P. Eng, CMC) – Download Presentation

What are the objectives and concerns of cyber security? How are our critical infrastructures
dependent on the security of our IP networks? What threats do we face as a society?

Securing the Smart Electric Power Grid  (Joe Diadamo, P. Eng) – Download Presentation

Today’ smart electric power grid is an example of a critical infrastructure that is dependent on cyber security. How is it being protected from failure and attack?

RIoT Control: Securing the “Internet of Things” (Tyson Macaulay, CISA, CISSP) – Download Presentation

What is the internet of things, and what security risks does it raise? How can these be



Tyson Macaulay, CISA, CISSP

Securing the “Internet of Things”

Joe DiAdamo, P.Eng.

Securing the Smart Electric Power Grid


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Who we are

The Engineering Innovations Forum was initiated in 1990 under the name “Engineering Action Forum”, and has been part of National Engineering Month ever since.

Why we exist

It was established as an open forum to focus on current topics from the engineering point of view. The idea was to promote the work engineers do, the way they do it, and how it benefits society in general.

Previous Topics

Topics have included robotics, electricity supply, nanotechnology, “green” energy, housing, computers, virtual reality, food, construction, and biomedicine.