3 Speakers & Hosted by Mike Wise from CBC
Toronto Botanical Garden
Wednesday, March 8th 2017 - 6pm to 10pm
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Self-Driving Vehicles: Transformers of the Future
Engineering Innovations Forum


Self-Driving Vehicle Research – University of Waterloo

A Tour of the Road to Autonomous Cars: Despite many advances in self-driving cars in recent years, current driverless technology is far from being ready to drive us safely in all traffic situations and all road conditions. After briefly explaining the key pieces that make up a self-driving car, I will review current driverless technology, discuss the remaining challenges, and outline possible future scenarios towards widely deployed driverless cars.

Self-Driving Motorhomes – Erwin Hymer Group North America

Autonomous vehicles will come in all shapes in sizes, from single occupant pods to driverless motorhomes. Equipped with multiple sensors, intelligent control systems, proprietary lithium batteries, solar panels, and the ability to be remotely controlled through a mobile app, Erwin Hymer Group’s world first Autonomous RV was developed and built in Canada to demonstrate and test the impact of connected, automated, and electric technologies on the global recreational vehicle market.

Future of Mobility – GM Canada

The automotive industry is in the midst of dramatic and disruptive change and Terry Ostan, Senior Manager, Innovation and Advanced Technology for GM Canada, will outline GM’s vision for a future of mobility that is electric, connected, autonomous and shared.

 Moderated by – CBC Toronto News at 11



Krzysztof Czarnecki

Self-Driving Vehicle Research

Joel Adams

Self-Driving Motorhomes

Terry Ostan

Future of Mobility

Mike Wise

Moderator, CBC Toronto News at 11


Toronto Botanical Garden
777 Lawrence Avenue East Toronto, Ontario


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